Let’s talk about the F-word.

Of course I start with the most cliche image of feminism, but imagine Rosie screaming the f-word.

The F-word isn’t fuck. Oh, it’s certainly something much more sophisticated than that! FEMINISM (the real f-word) is something that has much more depth to it than fuck, which serves to talk about sex with, usually, women- or when you stub your toe. It can be used as an adjective, verb, noun, but this isn’t a grammar lesson. The f-word should represent something that is much more monumental and deserving of a multidimensional meaning.

You have a heart, a soul, a living, breathing body. YOU deserve to be whatever you wish to be, not what society tells you you are fit to be. You don’t have to conform for the convenience of others (men). I know, my bias is screaming at you over your shoulder as you read this, but I have a punch line I’m working for- I promise.

As soon as you figure out the answer to all the world’s greatest secrets on how to be a “real” woman, please tell me. I can only continue to shave my legs, armpits, va-jay-jay, and the tops of my feet for so long without purpose. But why do we feel like we aren’t real if we don’t have a purpose? Maybe it’s our innate senses telling us that we need a goal to work towards, or maybe there’s another driving force. What are we supposed to be? I ask myself this every day, and some days go by without an answer, but I usually just realize that I want to be an equal. NOT the same. Just equal.

Yes, I identify as a feminist, and you probably would too if you knew what it meant. Now, I’m not calling you stupid, but your ideas of feminism have been clouded by normalities socially constructed by the world around you.

As a feminist, I do a lot of reading trying to understand where I stand with my ideals and opinions, and the greatest conclusion I’ve come to is this:


I spend too much time trying to prove how I can do things just like men, and that I am capable of whatever a man can do. What women seem to miss is the fact that WE AREN’T MEN. WE DON’T HAVE A PENIS. Isn’t that just great? Well, hell, I think so. We think, breathe, feel, understand, hurt, see, contemplate, exercise, negotiate, twerk (for Asha), cry, listen, and console differently. And those are just a few!

You can be different too. Now that you’ve been enlightened and empowered go and change the world.

Don’t be the down bitch. And honey, you definitely don’t have to swallow what’s on the menu.

Precious Jones


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