10 Cliched Stock Photos of Women vs. Lean In’s Alternatives

This is something that really eats away at me.

Every day, women see images of how they are supposed to look. White. Skinny. Blonde.

We have three choices- be a career woman, be a stay at home mom, or be both and be a bitch.

It’s time women don’t have to follow a one-category-only classification.


This takes away a woman’s power of an identity. An identity isn’t something society should be able to prescribe. An identity is something personal, something unique, intricate, and ever evolving. Chosen by you.


Don’t worry, you’ll never have to laugh alone with salad again.

That’s because Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.org decided to tackle the important issues by debuting a whole new line of stock photos through Getty Images that shows real women doing real things, instead of multi-armed, multitasking octopus women eating yogurt or smiling at scales.

Here is a chronology of your perfect life through the Lean In photos, compared to the yoga-doing, salad-laughing nightmare that would be a life in stock photos. Choose your own adventure.

1) Eating Salad

Woman eating a salad

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You eat real food with your friends, like cheese and wine, and you can stop trying to force that single cherry tomato into your frozen smile.

2) Multitasking:

Woman multitasking

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You’re great at multitasking, but you do it at your normal-looking desk and you don’t type anything with your toes.


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