These Aren’t The Pet Names We Ordered

All my life I’ve been referred to as “cute” by guys I’ve dated. It really ticked me off.

Whenever they would call me cute, I would ask if I reminded them of a bunny, or a doe, because that’s all that came to mind when they brought up my so called cuteness. Quite honestly, the last thing that I want to be called is cute. I teach women self defense classes, I’m learning krav maga. Don’t call me cute. And don’t blink either because I might just smack you.

Why not describe me in a more honest tone? I’ll take stubborn, firey, pugnacious, intelligent, athletic, or even vicious over cute any damn day. Cute is used to describe baby blankets and adorable squirrels. Both of which I’m not.

Now, you’re probably thinking, wow, feminist rant. Ya. Right. But actually, pet names and lame adjectives aren’t empowering women to do great things. Honest and borderline bitchy comments do. Call a women a pet name and she’ll be content, share your honest opinion with her, and that’s when the real empowerment stems from.

Unless you come up with some carefully crafted, handpicked, extremely creative nickname that I approve of, DON’T call me anything but my name.