What’s wrong with having no name for women today?


I don’t think there is such a thing as bad feminism, but uneducated feminism instead.

By no name, I think of no name for what’s happening to women today. The Feminine Mystique was the name given to the process, feelings, and cultural norms of women during the 20’s-60’s. It was a name for what they were experiencing daily, and struggling with daily.

The issue with not having a name for what women are experiencing today and concurrently is a stab to the ovaries.

Not giving a name to female experiences ignores us, devalues us, and confuses us.

There are so many different expectations for women. We are expected to do it all. Women can’t remain in the middle of the spectrum, while media portrays it to be that way. In actuality, women are expected to be one or the other. A career woman or the idealized house wife. Media portrays women to be able to do it all, but socially it’s not really acceptable. Men don’t have to choose a role and declare it or make it obvious.

A woman who does “it all” is portrayed as bitchy, too controlling, or bossy and full of herself. Media says that women can have it all, and therefore should, but women often get shunned for this- having it all by being it all.

Women are held back from an identity.

How do you choose which name to label yourself with? No matter what you choose, you’ll have done something wrong, there are always unattainable standards.

Society sets us up for failure. No matter what a woman does, she will always end up short by being smart but too bitchy, fit but not skinny enough, a good mother but too greedy for concentrating on her career.

Now we demand change. Change which we are still defining today. It’s still being rewritten over and over again. Change is claiming an identity full of purpose and promise. Change is the choice to be whoever and whatever we want. Change is having the whole damn pie instead of a slice.

Change is feminism.

An exploration of identity based on the concept of equality. Cause hey, women are people too.

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