On-Screen DC Superhero Costumes Through Time

For some reason, I connect the progress of Wonder Woman’s costume to the progress made for the rights of women and the perpetuation of raunch culture.

Here is a photo of the Marvel female superheros. I hope you see the same trends that I do:




When reading the bios of these female super heroes, almost all of them are 12olbs, blue eyes, 5’8″, and have the exact same body type. They don’t look like superheros. They look like porn stars.

The beauty myth has translated into these women, like most women portrayed to be powerful. A powerful woman is portrayed to be either powerful through seduction or through smarts. It is one or the other. No crossover is allowed.

What does this tell our children? Almost none of these female heroes are active anymore, and before looking in it for this post, I knew almost none of them.



Reality check.