Why the Selfie Revolution Has Actually Helped Women

Why do we take selfies?

To me, this is very intriguing to talk about because it involves deeper thinking. For everyone, I think the answer is different. We are surrounded by different people who post for different reasons. That makes answering my question hard.

I will be honest, I post selfies when I look especially good, or am doing something rather exciting then my normal day to day activities.

Social media has done a great job in creating a platform for its users to design a life that they think others would enjoy keeping up with.

With that said, more and more women are using sites like Instagram and Facebook to post photos that are edited and altered to be more appealing. I say women because it is primarily women who edit photos in pursuit of a modelesque image usually associated with photos of models in magazines and advertisements. It would be interesting to post photos honestly without editing them.
Selfie revolution? #nofilter

Let's Talk About Sex

To selfie or not to selfie, that is always the question.

So, you might have heard. Selfie was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013. However, it’s been around longer than you may think. It all started with MySpace back in the early 2000’s, when you needed a profile picture of you, and only you, so that your “friends” could find you easily. Early 2000 selfies can include but are not limited to awkward early teenage years, bathroom mirrors (don’t forget about the flash reflected in the mirror) and ancient looking cell phones (a Razr or Chocolate if you were cool). However, when Facebook came into the mix and wiped out MySpace, selfies nearly vanished as well. On Facebook, the informal idea was to post photos of yourself, taken by someone else, or to post photos of you and your friends. But with the introduction and popularization…

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