The Shaming of Monica: Why We Owe Her an Apology

Worth a conversation. Told my sister about reblogging this post and she immediately said, “Oh she’s such a whore.” Mind you, she’s 16, has no knowledge about this event, and can barely define what she considers a “whore” to be. The conversation that followed was definitely worth it.

Women will be blamed.

Unless we change ridiculous stereotypes and raunch culture that slut shames.

What is a slut anyways?


Ask any child of the 1990s, and she remembers – vividly – when she first heard about the Monica Lewinsky scandal (as well as the particular sex acts involved).

I was 16, perched with a group of friends in the hallway of my high school, devouring the contents of the Starr report like a trashy romance novel. (He did what with a cigar?! ) None of us was old enough to truly comprehend the complexities – or power dynamics – of a 22-year-intern fellating the President of the United States. And yet we did know one thing: We didn’t like that raunchy Lewinsky girl. What kind of woman flashes her thong at the president, anyway?

Long before “slut-shaming” was a term, Monica Lewinsky was its original target. My teenage friends and I were among her critics, though the rest of the country too seemed to be acting like horny misogynist…

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