Unattainable beauty. It’s a real thing.

I have been aware of this issue for about a year or so now, but it seems to be even more obvious than before.

I can feel it grabbing hold in my life. I am no long just an observer of the phenomenon.

The beauty myth is the perception of what’s beautiful as defined by white, upper class, men in western civilization. This ideal is spread through mass media incessantly. Literally, it is never ending and engulfs every waking moment of our lives.

It is perpetuated by the constant reminders of beauty in the form of advertisements. Products are marketed for all women, because all women can be “beautiful.”

What’s “beautiful” is unattainable for about 97% of the world’s population. I mean if that doesn’t scream moronic, then I dunno what does.

Lately, I have noticed more and more women molding to become “beautiful” because it’s been made easier (but not actually). Photo editing apps allow all women to become “beautiful” which basically means uniformity and conformity in equal parts. The more the selfie is edited, the more likes it gets (because it’s more “beautiful”), so ya gotta post another selfie to see if you can get more likes than the first… and the cycle continues.

What follows is pressure. Pressure to actually look like the edited version of your photo in real life. This means purchasing more makeup and applying said makeup. When the face kinda resembles the selfie, next is the rest of the body.

Don’t forget that you have to wear a bikini soon, gotta work your ass off for three months strait for that bikini body. And even then, who knows if you’ll be skinny enough to be “beautiful.” Oh! And I almost forgot, your clothes have to fit your body type. Are you pear shaped? Apple shaped? Triangle? Square? Oval?

This whole “beautiful” thing is all an illusion. It’s not real. It’s fake, and made up by producers to make money and control lives.

“Beautiful” has been made insurmountable for any woman.

I hope my overuse of the banal word beautiful has pissed you off enough to never use it to describe a woman ever again. And don’t use the word cute, either.

Check out more about the illusion here: http://theillusionists.org/