Tinder Users Wear Fat Suits To Their Dates. The Reactions For Men & Women Are Totally Different.

Tinder. God Bless. The goal of Tinder is pretty clear- to meet new people and either have sex with them or start dating them. Some people claim that they use it to make new friends, but I have always questioned the legitimacy of that statement.

In a social experiment, a female and male Tinder user schedule dates with their matches, and then wear a fat suit to the date. Here’s what goes down with the female Tinder user:


Now, here is what happens with the male Tinder user:

The Huffington Post did an article on this, and they took more of a “just because she’s fat, doesn’t mean she can’t be respected” kinda approach.

What I find to be more interesting is that women seem to be conditioned to use a more gentle and kind approach when dealing with an uncomfortable situation, especially where they have been tricked. The men get angry almost immediately and all leave but one. #entitlement

Where does this behavior come from?

The root of this could possibly be the way that girls and boys are raised. Men are raised to be generally less sensitive, less thoughtful, and should not be angered because boys will be boys and they might just explode. While women should be slow to anger and should always be kind, never blunt.

We see this example very clearly with catcalling, and male entitlement at its foundation. When a women tells off a man who has catcalled to her, she will immediately be referred to as a bitch, slut, cunt, etc. Other reactions usually include the woman being flipped off, or told to smile, or “Oh, we didn’t mean it that way. Just thought you were real pretty. Can’t hate a man for that, can you?”

Catcalling is NOT just a man saying rude and objectifying comments to women, just so we’re clear. It can also be in the form of any unwanted comments, or during a time that is not necessarily appropriate for someone to do so. Example: asking a woman how she is doing while she walks home alone at night. Not cool.


In the sitch with the Tinder dates, a double standard is in effect.  Double standards, man.



As always, credit where credit is due, thanks Cavan Sieczkowski and Huffington Post.