Maroon 5 totally butchers their latest music video.

Ok, so a little bit of a pun. In Maroon 5’s latest single “Animals,” Adam Levine acts as a crazy stalker in pursuit of a woman. Plot twist, the woman acting in the video is his wife. The video is disgusting. I got about 30 seconds in before I began to cringe, and I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.


Let’s recap on what you’ve just watched:

  • Women’s bodies equated to dead slabs of meat
  • Trespassing into a woman’s home to take photos of her while she sleeps
  • Male persistence in pursuit of sex with a female, despite her obvious rejection
  • Fantasy sex scenes where male entitlement to consent is portrayed, when the female character has not consented to those acts in real life (or in the fantasy)
  • No point of view from the woman, at all
  • Man obsessive over photos he has taken of a woman without her consent
  • Replacement of sexual fluids with blood
  • Male insistence that the female cannot deny sexual attraction
  • Entire video is a fantasy of the male
  • No consent was ever given

This entire video perpetuates rape culture and encourages behaviors that should never be romanticized. Additionally, lines are continually blurred about what consent really means. This video does not portray a healthy relationship, and we know that many young children and teenagers learn relationships through the media. Didn’t think about that, did you Maroon 5?

Women are viewed as objects, all the time. Halloween costumes make women objects to others (usually men). Popular Halloween costumes this year seem to be sexy foods. I’m sorry, sexy foods? Again, making women objects is viewed as sexy- but not actually.

This music video objectifies a woman. Objectification is directly tied to violence against women. When women become objects, their feelings and thoughts are forgotten and they become like stock or some sort of monetary value- instead of people.

So Maroon 5, not only have you created a music video that portrays a stalking relationship to a tee, but you have also perpetuated violence against women in a BIG way, and seem to have completely forgotten about consent. Way to go.

Inspiration for this article came from The Frisky, in an article written by Rebecca Vipond Brink. You go Glen Coco.