Making Sense of Celebrity Feminism

Cynical Scribbles


It makes me just a bit cross when people try and say who should and who shouldn’t be feminist. There are enough problems without certain folk harking on about how Beyonce is “feminist lite” because she sometimes wears a short dress. If ‘feminist lite’ is standing in front of a ten foot neon FEMINIST sculpture on international television in front of millions of people around the world, I’d like to see what ‘feminist heavy’ is.

I do love Beyonce, so I suppose I could acquiesce to being slightly biased. But I fail to see what slagging each other off is achieving. Beyonce doesn’t fit the ‘feminist mould’… but what exactly is the feminist mould? Isn’t that just re-inscribing age-old stereotypes of bra-burning, hairy-legged feminists? Am I a crap feminist because I shop at Cath Kidston and like pink things?

Roxanne Gay’s Guardian article particularly irked me. Whilst I do get…

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