Absolutely Ridiculous Halloween Costumes

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year again…

Halloween is such a fun time. Usually, it’s a holiday where small children run around the neighborhood on a hunt for candy. They knock on doors in adorable costumes with bright smiling faces, so excited to get some yummy sugar.

For young women, it’s a whole different story, or is it?

Grown women prance around town in “sexy” costumes with seductive expressions, so excited to get some yummy sugar- or at least that’s what female Halloween costumes are portraying.

Let’s look at some really awful costumes while I make witty comments underneath them! Prepare to lol.

slide_374970_4427228_freeHow corny. And what’s that thing on her arm?

slide_374970_4418818_freeLet’s make a joke out of stereotypical feminine professions.

slide_374970_4418816_freeEver actually driven in heels? Nope. Me neither.

slide_374970_4418810_freeSesame Street just got, um, awkward?

slide_374970_4418808_freeHot dish? You’ve got to be shitting me.

slide_374970_4418806_freeWhere the hell is her helmet?! Darth totally had a helmet, dammit.

slide_374970_4418804_free*Searching for my pants*

slide_374970_4418642_freeThis is a peasant. Don’t worry, I was confused, too.

slide_374970_4418604_freeNot entirely sure what’s going on here? And those shoes would totally not be allowed in the seminary.


slide_374970_4413916_freeBeing an inanimate object is SO fetch!

slide_374970_4413860_freeOk, now it’s gone too far.

slide_374970_4413856_freeTaste the rainbow?

slide_374970_4393852_freeK BYE.

slide_374970_4393848_freeIf you had to sleep on a plane, you wouldn’t have to buy a neck rest.

slide_374970_4379384_freeJust no.

slide_374970_4379382_free“Body Bag.” I’m actually disgusted.

slide_374970_4379266_freeFor Halloween I really want to be a Killer Whale- said no one ever.

slide_374970_4379262_free“Biscuit Beast.” How did this even happen?

slide_374970_4379260_freeOlaf from Frozen. Isn’t she going to be cold?

SA_S4133_Sweet_Gumball_Girl_Front_EXCST2014Is it me or are her boobs Photoshopped? Wait no, every inch of her is airbrushed.

Sexy-Watermelon-Costume-WM-7003For $70 this 1/2 yard of fabric with a giant hole in it could be all yours.


“Sexy grapes.”  I’m loling.


Inaccurate AND racist.


What part of a burger is sexy?


I just cannot.

YR_E7062_EXLCST2014Mmmmm, can you say awko taco?

HT_sexy_ebola_costume_2_jtm_141027_4x3_992I hope we look back at this costume and wonder why, just why.

These are such comical costumes, but what’s not funny is how only one body type is represented, not to mention only one skin color. All of these women look the same, which isn’t reality. Not everyone’s body is accentuated to be made sexy, yet alone fit in any of these costumes. ALL women should be able to feel sexy and comfortable on Halloween, and costumes such as these make that real difficult.

Here’s one more…

7086-CupcakeWell, this is actually adorable!

This post was inspired by Huffington Post’s original post.

All costumes were found on Yandy’s and from a recent article by ABC News.