If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines

This article was originally found on BuzzFeed, written by Loryn Brantz.

What If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines?

This was literally my childhood.

No wonder young girls and teens deeply believe that they need to have the body of the 1%. The idealized body is viewed by all children at a very young age and starts with what seems to be harmless images- like Disney movies!

Disney princesses have long been criticized for creating unrealistic expectations for women. And being racist but that’s a different topic. The proportionality of Disney princesses certainly does not meet real-life standards. Their breasts are too large for their tiny rib cage, and their eyes usually take up about 1/4 of their entire face, if not more. Their skin complexion is always one of the three skin colors you can find in a crayon box. Oh, and their hair. It is always long and voluminous and many young girls have short manageable dos.

Below are some comparisons between what Disney princesses look like and what they should actually look like. Oh, how this would have boosted my self esteem and exhibited a “healthy” waistline.

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