#NotJustHello Hashtag Explores The Reality Of Street Harassment

Franchesca Ramsey also created a Storify that contains recent tweets from Mikki Kendall addressing street harassment.



Social media tackled the touchy topic of street harassment with the #NotJustHello hashtag discussion.

Twitter user @UJohnsmeyer couldn’t possibly have known that a simple (if clueless) question would spark up a trending topic about a very real problem that women face every day.

Walking down the street can often be a guantlet of unwanted physical and verbal advances from strangers that feel entited to your attention. In the past, it was simply labeled cat calling and dismissed as something that women simply had to tolerate. Now, women are calling out the inappropriate behavior for what it is: an ill-concieved show of bravado.

Twitter user @FeministaInt pinpointed that street harassment is about power, adding that the same logic can be applied to…

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