Anti-Abortion Bill Passes

Hello lovely readers, I am going to do my best to not lose my cool here. After recently reading an article in the Huffington Post it has come to my attention that the House of Representatives has passed a bill that prevents any form of federal funding for abortions. This means that abortions will not be covered by Medicaid, women will also be restricted in buying other plans that do cover abortions, not to mention that it would prevent the District of Columbia from using its own local funds to subsidize abortions AND eliminate the tax credit given to small business who do provide coverage (which they receive under the Affordable Care Act)


Feeling a little outraged are you? Feeling a little oppressed, manipulated, pushed aside, devalued, and/or controlled?

It amazes me that in a first world, sophisticated society which is considered to be “the land of the free” women are still faced with vehement opposition when it comes to our right to control our own bodies.

Our “sex system” is so backwards. In our schools we are SUPPOSED to teach our children SAFE SEX and how their bodies work during puberty and of course how their parts come together during SEX. But instead, we teach them (and I was taught myself) about ABSTINENCE.


Don’t get me wrong! If it is your choice to wait as a man or woman until marriage that is AWESOME! After all it is YOUR choice and YOUR body! But to only teach this course of action is simply not logical. Kids are going to have sex. And without the proper education and resources, these kids having sex will likely catch sexually transmitted infections and even get pregnant. *Cue Teen Mom commercial*

Teenage pregnancy is a pretty undesirable circumstance for most, I’m sure most teenagers would love easy and affordable access to preventative products such as condoms and birth control- BUT OH WAIT we didn’t teach them about those things and we don’t like telling them about it because it will encourage them to have sex. AKA if we don’t provide this information they WON’T have sex. LIES LIES LIES!

15 and pregnant? Some women (not all but some) may CHOOSE (AHEM) to have an abortion. BUT WAIT! That option has been wiped off of the table by some WASPS in Congress who have decided that women, be it teenagers or full fledged adults, shouldn’t have a choice.

If the bill passes in the Senate Obama plans to veto it. Cross your fingers for the women of America that the individuals who are trying to take away our right to choose will not be successful.

Here is the article I read and where I received most of my information, although I’m sure at this point there are various sources you could look to on the internet and in your local news.