Rede Nami-“a Feminist Network using the Urban Arts to promote women’s rights”.


10252182_10152323493085971_1609500249100221155_nDomestic violence against women was only made illegal in Brazil in 2006. Recent statistics show that every 15 seconds a woman is assaulted; every two hours a woman is murdered. Brazil has the seventh highest rate of violence against women in the world and according to estimates published by the Brazilian Institute for Applied Research, between 2001 and 2011, fifty-thousand women were murdered in Brazil, mainly as a result of domestic violence.

gab connected with a Panmela Casto, an art activist in Rio to delve into her world that demands equal respect and rights for women, challenging oppression of gender in personal, economic, political and social spheres.

Pamela’s personal work has autobiographical undertones, using the urban landscape as her back drop, to explore social issues/truths in ideas surrounding the construction of  being a women. Her visual language creates pieces in relation to the female body, power relations and sexuality using hot colours in dramatic dialogues…

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